Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where have all the heroes gone?

"God gave us dads, so we could have heroes"

That was the title of the card that I found in the card shop. There I was skimming over one birthday card after the other until I inadvertently stumbled across this. I held it for the longest moment, not knowing or understanding what suddenly washed over me. The word 'hero' just lingered on in my mind, strong and clear. My thoughts zoomed out for a second and I found myself looking at my life from afar, like snapshots from a movie.

I was never close to my dad. Growing up, we very often clashed. Not a day would go by when I would wonder whether I was being punished for having a dad like my father or whether he was being punished for being given a daughter like me. My dad was just the only male figure in my small nuclear family. He was the one with the rough voice, the firm stance, the one who taught me responsibility and he was our symbol of strength.

Hero. I never thought of him as my hero - until now.

Age does that to you. A two way road, age revealed my dad's true colours but at the same time lifted the haze from around my heart. I could suddenly see him for what he really is. A hero.

I may not have a husband, fiance or significant other but who needs one when one has a father. I have a father and that's all one could possibly need or ask for.

God blesses us in ways,
that we're often blind to.

The warmth, security and doting nature that has always been there. They weren't just a figment of today's realisation. The strengthening support that makes the picture of our family complete. It has always been there.

My father, my hero. He has always been. I just never saw it in that oh so special way before.

So where have all the heroes gone? They're here and around us. I've found mine.

"Dedicated to my father"