Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Fortune

I feel blessed these days. Actually, that sounds a bit arrogant. I should feel blessed every single day for the things I have which I take for granted. But I suppose what I mean is that I feel blessed in an overt fashion. When you feel kindness descend on you and touch you gently and lovingly, that is when you feel blessed. The feeling of being blessed and cherished is special.

I thought I should title this posting good fortune because that feeling - of being blessed - is a blessing in itself. Good fortune is subjective. Today it manifests itself in that blessing for me. That small window that allows you to view a unique and special scene, even if it's temporary and you know that you only have a moment to enjoy it. That moment is the blessing of being able to experience something only you can experience. That is good fortune. 

The little things we go through on a daily basis that allow us to become who we are, are symbols of good fortune. The little things that make us smile. These are symbols of good fortune. And most of all, the people in our lives are symbols of good fortune.