Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cappuccino Ricotta Dessert

I came across this delightful recipe as I was flicking through the TV last night. A cappuccino ricotta dessert and I just have one word (well 3!) to describe it - La Dolce Vita!!! Yummy! Now I am not a coffee fan at all but I thought I could modify the recipe slightly to adjust it to my taste. The chef said she stumbled across this dessert in a trattoria right outside of Rome in a place called Marino. Trattorias are known for their diverse menus and family-centric recipes, she said. This one sounded and looked delightful. It was also very easy to make. Here is all you need:

Espresso coffee
A tub of ricotta cheese
Vanilla pod (or essence)
A couple of biscotti
Sprinkling of cinnamon & cocoa

She put the sugar and vanilla in a blender and mixed them well and then she added the ricotta cheese and a tablespoon of coffee. She then spooned the mixture into coffee cups. Crumble several pieces of biscotti then sprinkle cinnamon and cocoa. Use a spoon and dive right in!

Since I am a non-coffee person I decided to replace it with my one true love - chocolate! To be more precise a good quality dark cocoa. I even thought about getting a good quality chocolate and grating it until it was granulated. That would be absolutely divine. Imagine Lindt's dark chocolate orange in this. Mmmm.

Another thought - fruit! Ricotta cheese and fruit go hand in hand after all. If it were berry season then I would choose raspberries and blackberries for this. Blending them in with the cheese would create an amazing texture of roughly cut up fruit pieces. Top that with the biscotti, cinammon and chocolate and I think I would be on my way to dessert heaven!

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