Sunday, December 19, 2010

Writing Prompts - December week 2

On the Subway

The train had been chugging along for a good half hour and the usual sounds of rustling newspapers and idle chatter filled the carriage. The air felt thick and heavy with the breath of early morning commuters, some sitting but even more standing, their busy-bee senses in temporary suspension. They were mostly in a state of oblivion to anything that happened outside of the carriage, or the train, and if anything more was expected it was one of lackadaisical acknowledgment. So when the wheels of the train screeched to a halt and jolted the passengers back into a present frame of mind, curious looks spread across several faces. Proverbial questions projected from their minds and floated through the air, often coupled with theories involving faulty trains and scheduled or unplanned engineering works. The tone was always irate. No one was expecting the announcement that came next.

“This is your driver speaking. Please disembark from the train immediately. You are all requested to report to a police officer on the platform without fail. No exceptions.”


Stars shine in new eyes -
A baby’s fascination,
with the world’s surprise.


Starry skies look down -
secrets in daylight discern,
to those who remain.

The River

A bright moon shines,
over a waterway that defines
a city’s character –
caught, in silent enrapture.
The Nile sits still, beneath a surface reflecting,
the city’s lights enchanting,
palms on its banks, mesmerising
senses, so it delights.


“What’s wrong with this thing?”

The photocopier kept throwing out one sheet of paper after another creating a mounting pile on the floor just underneath the photocopier tray, and all the sheets had a huge black stain centred in the middle.

“Errr, you didn’t press the start button, did you?”

An impatient look remained fixated on her face as she flicked a finger at the tiny, smudged sign in the already darkened room which said, “Broken,” while she fiddled with the controls.

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