Thursday, April 7, 2011

Diary of a First-time Auntie - 1

Today I discovered just what the word captivated means: to be completely and utterly overcome by a thing, notion or person such that everything else takes second place; even if just for a moment. I am referring to being captivated by my little niece.

My niece is one day old. Born yesterday afternoon she made a screaming entrance into this world then spent the better part of her first day being confused and disoriented. There was the power of breathing in oxygen but there was also the freedom of movement. No more confined space.

The bump had now become the baby and seeing her, tiny as she seemed, produce sounds made me stand in awe and reflect on the miracle of birth. A new life was brought into this world and I was speechless. I held her in my arms and instantly felt small in the face of this magnificence. God Almighty.

My little sister has now entered the world of mothers and I in turn have become a first-time auntie.

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