Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Diary of a First-time Auntie - 2

I found the courage to carry little Kayla longer than 2 seconds today. If my maternal instincts had not kicked in before, they certainly have now. It is just the fact that she is very tiny and fragile that makes me keep my distance. The fact that she cries and screams while being held is not conducive either. But I watched as her parents carried her close and rocked her quiet. That is when I decided that today would be the day I would  properly introduce her to her auntie.

It is amazingly unique holding a baby close to you. Their little heart beating against your chest. Their total surrender to a slumber, unaware of the world around them. And I will not even begin to talk about the cutest ever little sounds that come out of them. Rocking them to sleep was one thing but interacting with them while they're awake is even better. 

It seems that with little Kayla you really cannot go wrong either way. I was instantly hooked and attached to this little angel of a niece.

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