Friday, October 5, 2012

Why I Love October - just for fun!

It's October! A month that brings me joy. Come October, I feel my spirits high, carefree, in perfect balance and serenity.

In a true light-hearted and corny sense, today being the 5th of October, I decided to write my all time top 5 favourite reasons why I love the month of October.

1) October means Spring (southern hemisphere) or Autumn (northern hemisphere). Both seasons are full of personality and change. Effervescent flowers or crunchy leaves, they're opposite seasons of each other. Spring being the start of life and Autumn being the gradual end to it. October carries both meanings gracefully.

2) October defies the norm. You'd think that the 'octo' in October would make it the eighth month of the year from a semantically Latin point of view. Yet it falls within a perfect ten. It challenges norms with strength and confidence.

3) It invites an exploration of the outdoors. There's a pleasant balance of sun and breeze. A comfortable temperature level. A beckoning of the outdoors to discover.

4) October talks of rain. A blessing of droplets from the sky that tease and play with the sun's rays and we get to see rainbows.

5) October is the month I was born in along with many other lovely Librans.

Another year passes,
another is due to begin.
Of all challenges of the year,
we'll face another with a grin.

Happy October to everyone and especially to those other lovelies born this month.

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