Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Snow. It really does not matter how old you are or how much of an introvert or not you tend to be. There is always one and the same reaction to the first sign of snow. Excitement. A bounce in the step. Cheer. An inner childhood happiness that grips you.

There is something magical about the falling of snow. The blanket of white that covers rooftops, streets and the once bare tree branches. Have you ever shook one of those liquid paper weights and wished you were inside? A unison of colour and calm everywhere you look. A subdued serenity in the air. A togetherness of nature. An announcement that winter is truly here.

If you were wondering before this whether it was appropriate to wear those extra warm gloves or whether you looked odd in that oversized coat. Snow dispels it all. It is time. Bring out all your woollies and your extra warm gear. Wrap up. Bundle up and splash out with bold reds to contrast the monotone of the season. Indulge in front of cosy fireplaces. Hot cocoa with cinnamon and marshmallows. Warm puddings. Hot water bottles and luxurious throws. Soft blankets and warm nights in. All the while watching snow descend outside. Delicate flakes resting. One layer after another. It almost reminds me of how a soufflé rises. The fluffiness of one layer of smoothness on top of another. No need for an umbrella. There is a certain charm to feeling snow flakes on your nose and your eyelashes. If there was ever a time to celebrate winter this is it.

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