Sunday, December 13, 2009

So you think you can dance?

A successful marriage is like a series of perfectly executed dance routines. In the grand scheme of things, our life here is like a huge dance production made up of a series of routines. We may choose to lead this production solo without a partner, like a contemporary dancer who explores and exhausts every creative avenue alone. The majority, however, go through life married to a partner. The journey, to me, is analogous to dancing a routine together.

Set the scene and the first thing you need is a good dance partner. The woman needs someone she can trust and depend on. After all, no one wants to be leaping in the air and have no one to catch them. On the other hand, the man needs someone who is prepared to be led. The man's role after all is to lead the routine to perfect execution. When it comes to choosing your dance partner, that is still just not enough. The couple must be suited to each other from the start. Unless both are perfect all-rounders, you cannot have an expert in contemporary dance matched with a brilliant ballroom dancer. The former is used to the independent freedom of exploration while the latter cannot function alone. They both have to come from the same dance background and have the same approach to the type of routine they both wish to embrace.

Throughout the dance, the couple needs to be in tune to one another. Responding to each step in a timely manner is just as important as being there for each other all the way. When the footwork is tricky, both need to keep up. When the going is slow, grace and resilience has be demonstrated. When one partner falters, the other has to be quick on their feet, literally, and keep the routine together.

It takes two to tango; in all sense of the word. It is not enough to be technical in a dance routine and just follow through with the motions. To really stand out and be a successful couple, each needs to give to the other that extra something. It goes a long way and this is what truly differentiates the good from the brilliant. It is also the reason why some couples are truly happy couples and describe their marriage as a successful one. It is not only about feeling the music yourself but making the other partner feel it too then both responding to it accordingly. It is about knowing when to improvise and when to take risks. More importantly, throughout the production, dancing in unison as one, so that the boundaries of two separate people melt away into the perfect couple.

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