Sunday, January 31, 2010

Writer's Block No More!

I do not reflect anymore; not the way I used to anyway.

It suddenly hit me as I sat there wondering why writing has become so strained and unbecoming, when it once resembled air. Lack of it was unimaginable. I would wake up ready to write. In moment of apparent idleness I would be writing in my head. The calluses on my middle finger were testimony to that. Rough and stubborn as they were, I thought they were there for life. Now I only see traces of them. They tell the story of a life that used to be built around writing.

When did writing slowly stop being second nature to me? I have my answer now. Reflection. I do not reflect anymore. If it was not reflection that I was doing, however, why do I often catch myself in deep thought?

Reflecting and thinking are like shadows playing hide and seek with each other on a temperamental day. Thinking is a tool that forms part of the reflection process. Reflection is the all round experience of delving into a different dimension. Exploring. Seeking. Thinking - yes - but that is only a small part of reflecting. Divulging meaning, and translating it into thought. Taking a concept and going with it where one's mind has not been before. Finding one's self in a new mental arena and, in the process, understanding. Realising. Reflecting.

For all those who suffer from the so called writer's block, therefore, this is your answer. At least I know this is mine.

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