Monday, February 1, 2010


In case you had not noticed, there is a revolution happening out there. It is going to touch upon each of our lives - sooner or later and whether you would like it to or not. You will get affected. If you have a trace of cynicism inherent in you then do this. Rewind back to the nineties, if you are old enough to remember. The Internet made its grand entrance on to the global scene. At the time, the magnitude of its influence on our lives was quite inconceivable. Today, we cannot imagine life without it. There was a time, however, when there
was no Internet. There was no worldwide web. Websites did not exist and you can forget about portals! The only web one would see was in the form of an abode for a spider, often conveniently located outside one's window or in jungle-like bushes. The only portal was a doorway or something out of science fiction movie that involved suddenly finding a new dimension and into a new world. The web took on a whole new meaning since the mid-nineties. Still skeptical? Then take the one communication device you shudder at the thought of losing; your mobile phone. Do you recall the first time you encountered someone with those ridiculously large hand held devices that only had one of a select few ringtones? Better still, do you recall your first ever mobile phone?

Set the scene today and it is madness out there where two revolutionary concepts converge, dragging with them a whole multitude of other 'add-ons'. Internet and mobiles give way to something only scfi-fi novels dared touch upon an era ago; or so it seems. What was only possible in one's mind is now open to a variety of means. eBook readers, iPhones, iPods, Google Nexus phone, social networking, tweets, diggs, Apple's latest iPad and that is not the end of it! The message was once expand your avenue and communicate and seek knowledge. The message is now communicate but with value. Gain know how but with the support of a community of others seeking the same form of knowledge. What was once the web has now metamorphosised into the cloud. Before you know it you might even have your own piece of cloud although the skeptics may roll their eyes at this. Although the world may be excited by the disjointed efforts that competitors in the global marketplace keep giving us in the form of new products, this, I see, is only the tip of the iceberg. There is more to come.
On another note, it is funny how one revolution leads to another. I seem to survive on buzzing environments where creativity and change are at its core. I am going through a revolution myself. Is it age I wonder as I reach my proverbial mid-life? I do feel that I have suddenly matured and grown up with a strong sense of realisation and appreciation. It must be age. Nothing else would do this to you - not even a powerful experience - because there is a grace to this revolution. I have finally realised my capacity for creativity and change. Along with it, I have grown to accept it, whether I choose to want to or not. I adapt and realise the talents and skills that I gained along the way and which add value to those around me. One has the power to influence any situation or any person in a graceful and dignified manner. It does not stop there though. I realise that this is only the beginning of something worthwhile. There is no end to personal development and learning.

While a revolution happens around me that will touch upon my life sooner or later, a similar revolution is happening to me that I hope will be forthcoming enough to touch upon other people's lives.

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