Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Young and Restless

That is how I would describe the [ ]-something of today. Notice how I used brackets so as not to offend any age group. There are exceptions to any hypothesis after all; my disclaimer would be that these submissions are my own and are only based on my first hand observations. Nevertheless, when it comes to the young and restless as I would like to refer to them, I would put more emphasis on the restless aspect rather. Youth can be extended indefinitely depending on one's frame of mind. Restlessness cannot and should not. It brings along with it connotations of immaturity and fickleness. It shows a degree of apathy in specific situations. Typical manifestations of restlessness include mood swings and varying attitudes given the same circumstances. It also brings with it an unpredictability.

I am not used to being at the whim of a person who decided to talk to me yesterday but cannot be bothered to acknowledge my conversations today. I cannot perceive the reasons behind being genuine and sincere on one occasion but then displaying uncalled for irony on a another. Repeated occurrences of such incidents have now made me vigilant and more reserved. I find myself succumbing to any brashness or bumptious comments just by not responding. Wasted energy in my view.

I often wonder whether others see things from my perspective. Am I the only skewed observer who fails to fit in amidst a group of young and restless partisans? Are there others out there who, like me, believe in consistency? 

Relationships are a complicated thing. The civil norms that govern how acquaintances should deal with each other seem to be lost amidst this confusion. Friends take on a whole new meaning for the young and restless. The divide between stranger, acquaintance and friend blends in. You are my friend today but a mere acquaintance tomorrow. You will be my friend again tomorrow but a stranger the day after. It goes on as such where the permutations are endless. The young and the restless have created relationship anarchy while I try and continue to maintain a positive attitude.

I think back to when I once was young and restless. I do not feel any guilt pangs that immediately attack my bile however. Sincerity was always a part of my personality and I struggle to comprehend. It could be boredom or it could just be plain immaturity. Whatever the reason, I liken it to a storm. Sit it out and let it pass. Water thrown across a pane of glass. It does not break it, instead it flows across. Sooner or later the restless will find a safe haven but by then they could one day find themselves where I am now. I know by then this would just be a mere memory to me.

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