Friday, February 5, 2010

Human Condition - Part I

I am perpetually amazed by the complexity of the human make up. It is not for me to sit and casually criticise as I know that I am nowhere near perfection. Yet, still, I continue to be amazed about the imperfections that are often flaunted in the face of challenge. Imperfections that are worn with pride; some consciously and others unfortunately not. I must have fallen into the latter a number of times and I cringe to think of that. What of those who
consciously display traits or habits that are just too ugly, I would think, to be associated with.

Gossip is one such trait. Has the art of conversation dried up to the extent that one resorts to indulging in others misfortunes? That is really what gossip entails. No one 'gossips' about someone doing good or someone successful (unless it involves insinuation of course). You will often find gossip associated with rumours and sob stories. It is often accompanied by lip biting and shocked expressions, parties leaning forward in awe and surprise, edging one to 'carry on' with the clouds of ridicule. Let us face it, gossip is ugly. Yet people indulge in it. In fact I would go so far as to say that there is a gossip culture firmly engrained in society. Workplaces thrive on it over a coffee break. Morning tea gatherings use it as a way of extracting community news. I would even go further on to say that men might oblige each other to gossip about their 'endeavours'! Shameful really. Do people really stop to think that 'what goes around comes around'? Do they realise that the same way one gossips about this person or that, somewhere in the future they could be in that same situation too. Sometimes I hear the feeble excuses that this is not gossip but "learning from other people's mistakes or experiences". Another good one is "oh I would never put myself in that situation - that would never happen to me". Little do they know that it does because no one's life is smooth and clear of imperfections.

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