Sunday, February 7, 2010

Knowing God

A certain serenity shows on the face,

an even complexion that lights up with grace,
a welcoming smile,
a warm embrace,
kindness and tolerance - cradled with patience -
strength in adversity and
while in pain,
a glint in the eye called resolve,
attitude, that brings forth
mutual ambitions
for humanity and the future
generations - progeny -
who will look up and search for 
role models, in the faces of those
around them, above them, below them -
search high and low and
the globe, it still turns,
linking one time to the next,
one era to the next,
from past to present - the here and,
I look and see the faces of those who know
what life is all about -
a softness
a strength, above all - a smile -
common knowledge treasured,
in the signs. If only one cares to see,
like in the faces of
those, who know God.

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