Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Apple a Day... Food for the Soul?

It occurred to me just how weak and fragile we are as human beings. We need food and drink to sustain us. We need air to live. We need other humans to socialise with and if we get physically sick we need medicine to cure us. What about the spiritual needs of the soul. I would say that they are more important than the above.

Living life without fulfilling one's spiritual needs is like going through life as the living dead. The way it is, really, is that we all have two main aspects to ourselves; our physical bodies and our soul. In turn, our souls need sustenance in the same way our physical bodies do. Take that away and one ends up living an empty life, void of meaning or real happiness. One may enjoy all the material things in the world. One may achieve all they aim to. Climb the highest mountain, dive into the deepest ocean, trek across the harshest desert or camp out into the cruellest Arctic pole, run your own personal marathon, find your own true love. Do all these things but if the connection that the soul seeks with its Creator is not present, one will only ever feel half-satisfied, that something is always missing.

Humans are by far greedy and that is not being overly dramatic. There is always something more that one should be striving for, going that one extra step. When that step is attained, well, go a bit further still. It is human nature. It is just the way we are created; no self-reproach intended. I find that the only way for me to keep things in check is to recognise and acknowledge my soul's needs. It really is nothing more than a balancing act. 

Whilst an apple a day may keep the doctor away, for me, praying and reading a page of Quran everyday, at the most basic level, makes me a more nourished person.

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