Friday, October 29, 2010


There are times when the path you have chosen in life starts to feel like the wrong one. It is not that you failed to see that there would be challenges. It is just that you suddenly stumble upon obstacles that make your goal so much further than you initially thought. I guess we draw up the plans and leave the rest up to destiny. The issue is, do you continue to soldier on and find ways to overcome the obstacles? Or do you accept the situation and just find another path? Would it be giving up or would it be facing up to reality. How do you know that your goal is worth that much to fight for, that it will be worth it in the end when you just have no clue whether you will reach the end, or that if you do that it would not be too late to reap its benefits.

I am a mature career changer. I took a leap of faith and jumped. I had a strong support network in the form of my inner resolve and a deep faith in God. I knew that challenges would lie ahead. I was not afraid to combat anything that stood in my way. I rose up to the challenge and worked extremely hard. God rewards those who work hard after all. I succeeded or at least I thought I did. Then a major obstacle showed its ugly face to me. I tried to overcome it but there were other factors at play so I decided to soldier on and find another way around it. In doing so I chose another path; the unknown path, one I had not studied nor prepared myself for. The result is that I find one challenge after the other rising up in a way that is more than I can bear. What does this mean?

The way I see it there are two ways to address this. I either give myself the chance to accept the situation then move on by just going with the flow and doing all that needs to be done to achieve my goal. After all, I did choose this second path. Or I can give up and throw away all my hard work. Stop now and realise that not every battle has to be fought let alone be won. I guess I can really see where this is all leading to. I keep taking risks. When is it wise to realise that I should stop or do I just continue fighting. If I give up it means going back to my first career. It means a stable job (perhaps), steady income and a chance to enjoy life (for a change). If I fight on, the future becomes unclear as to how many more challenges I will be asked to live up to. Will I reach the end? If I do, will I get to reap the benefits of all my hard work?

How far would you go to realise your dream. Or are some dreams just that, nothing more than a dream.

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