Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fantasy prompts

I have decided to share the little pieces that I have been writing over the last week. The past week has been all about fantasy! I think I might do this on a weekly basis and post all the little pieces that I have written over the week. Sharing is caring after all! What a cliche! Anyway here it goes starting with most recent first.

The last princess

In subdued sleep, she lay
As night broke into day
A princess who held no disdain
‘twas in her destiny to be plain.

The knight and the squire

The air was filled with exciting anticipation and all eyes were on the clock tower. It was only a matter of seconds and the parade would begin. Then it happened. As the bells chimed signalling the start of the festival, the dragon appeared. He swooped across rooftops and trees with his wings spread wide in majestic awe. On his back rode the knight in all his glory with sword in hand and his shining armour reflecting the happiness down below. Cheers and confetti rose in unison at the sight and the musicians belted out. There was nothing to fear from this day on. The knight had arrived and had saved them from the threats in the land. A gory battle had left many dead but those remaining were no match for mighty Hagan, the chosen knight.

The trumpets sounded and the crowd’s attention turned to the castle gate. The drawbridge had been lowered and was decorated in all manners exquisite. Hagan’s squire was riding high on his silver horse, leading the rest of the herd. The knight’s shield was slung across the squire’s arm and in the other hand, he held on to Hagan’s flag. He loved all the attention that the crowd was giving him. The squire puffed up his chest, tilted his head slightly to the side as he scanned the faces in the crowd and broke into a wide smile. Horses in readiness, the dragon made another low swoop above the crowd. The trumpet sounded again as the squire threw his hat up in the air to cheer which Hagan, the mighty knight, caught in timely fashion. Music broke the excitement in the air once again and the squire advanced the horses. The parade had begun.

The Dragon's Birthday

A birthday today, fit
for a dragon who
just found his wings to fly.

At trees and men, they
breath fire and roar -
Dragons celebrating.

The King

The king looked up and indicated to Phineas with this head. Words were not necessary. Phineas knew that it was his duty and knew exactly what he had to do. The responsibility and trust that had just been thrust upon him was overwhelming but he had no choice.

“I will not fail you, your majesty.”

The king placed his hands on Phineas’ shoulders, “I know you won’t. My son,”  the king smiled softly to himself, “you have always been the one with strength. You will succeed if only you believe in yourself.” The king looked up at Phineas and barely above a whisper said, “That’s why I chose you out of all the toad slayers.”

The task that lay ahead of him was no easy feat. He had to go through the Valley of Toads, find the Book of Charm and bring it back to the king before dawn. Only then would the spell be broken and the princess be released from the curse. He knew the challenges that lay before him but he had been trained well.


  1. :-)I would have never imagined this side of you!!
    What you are writing reflects that you are all about freedom. And in freedom lies happiness. That is your main obssesion if I may say.

    My 2 cents ... freedom is attained through being dead honest with oneself in your journey towards the Truth and not giving an iota of care to what people think or say about oneself.

  2. Wow! You got all that just from reading these pieces? That's amazing! You have such insight - either that or my writing is a window to my soul!! :) You're so right but it's something I've been struggling with.

    On another note, the novel I'm writing as part of nanowrimo is a children's fantasy :) so if you liked the above, you might like the story! I will let you know once I've redrafted it etc :)