Monday, November 29, 2010

Beginner's Luck!!

I signed up to Protagonize a few days ago. I needed a place where I could collaborate with other writers, get feedback and just have a load of fun writing. Protagonize was my answer and it is such a lovely site. I was completely taken by surprise waking up this morning to find myself having been selected as featured author for my NanoWriMo story for a day! (See my web badge on the right hand side) I was speechless to say the least and I could feel myself doing cartwheels in my head - I would fail and hurt myself miserably if I attempted to physically do them. It was my five minutes of fame and I tend to think of it as beginner's luck. Not only has it given me a tremendous push to keep writing but I just hope this does not jinx all my future efforts. 

I had writers block for so many years. In fact, I cannot a remember the last time I wrote freely and without a care in the world. It seems years of disappointments and being bogged down by being too focused on my career took me away from the one thing that makes me feel alive. Writing. This relationship I had with writing turned cold and unwelcoming. It was just like I was being told that if I did not care so much for it then I would not get any food for thought. I always felt that something was missing. But I would just attribute it to my career or my personal life. I would strive that much more to achieve something new in those domains. Every time I did, my mind dried up a bit more.

All it took was a forced break and a change of course to ground me and bring me back to who I really am. To the things I really love and enjoy and to the life I was always meant to lead. I do not expect large things from my writing. But I know that my renewed relationship with it has slowly started to breath life back into me. If I get an audience of one, that is good enough for me. If I manage to reach out to someone through my writing then again, it would mean the world to me. Above all, I now realise that I am a more fulfilled and whole person by writing freely and never again will I make the mistake I made before.

For all those writers out there - keep writing!

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