Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Being Egyptian

First it was Tunisia and now it is Egypt. It is bitter sweet in a sense. Sweet that a revolution might just be the answer to correct all that which is wrong. Bitter that it took the courage of one nation to drive another. More bitterness in that this might be haphazard and at the cost of Egypt's security and stability. No revolution is without costs and risks do have to be taken for the future of the country's children. They do have a right to live a good life in their country, to feel safe, secure and a part of a great nation.

Revolution is not new to Egypt. Its history is rich with it. The Egyptians as a people have always had resolve. They have always spoken out but they always acted out and set a direction for themselves and for their country at the same time. Egyptians are doers. So when the protests happened on January 25th it made me wonder. Why now? Was it Tunisia that motivated the streets to take shape and come alive? Egypt has a  huge square in the middle of Cairo called the Liberty Square. This was the place that witnessed yesterday's protests. But the square has always been there and it has been always been called the Liberty Square - a testament to what Cairo has endured throughout the years. Did it take another country for the Egyptians to see what they had and are capable of in their own backyard, to tap into their history and learn from the heroes of the past?

I am not all pessimism. If this is the start of something good and worthy for Egypt then it is time to turn my attention there again. If this means a promise of change, positive change, a bright future then I am all eyes, ears and heart for Egypt. The land of the Nile, that mesmerises a thousand times over, day or night. A country that has witnessed more than humanity can imagine. A culture that runs deep in my veins and goes back through centuries and time, crosses religions and brings together faiths. If the true essence of what it means to be Egyptian shines through as a result of these protests then my heart will start beating to the rhythm of it again.

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