Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rally in Sydney

A crowd gathered for a rally today in Sydney's Hyde Park. Being so far away from all that is happening in Egypt was no deterrent for sharing the sentiments and showing support. But it was not only Egyptians who were there today. Other Arabs and non-Arabs looked past faiths and differences and stood together. Many were chanting in English and Arabic. Spirits were high. There was a minute of silence to remember those who died in the protests in Egypt. The Egyptian national anthem rang through the air as the crowd sang in unison. And a group prayer for those who died followed.

Here are some pictures and a video from the scene today:

"30 Years of Oppression are Enough" says one sign. "Give people the chance to have a voice" says another.

"We want you to leave NOW" says the sign.

"JUSTICE. Free Egypt. Liberty"

"Why cut off Internet / Mobile Network in Egypt?"

A group prayer (Salat Ghaa'ib) for those who died in the protests in Egypt.

A man draped in the Egyptian flag amidst the praying.

Here's a video of the crowd singing the Egyptian national anthem. The chanting after the singing says "Muslims and Christians - we are all Egyptians."


  1. Thanks Sally for your coverage! I hope we don't stop now!

  2. Thanks Ehab. We had another one yesterday but unfortunately I couldn't go :( You guys stay strong and know that you have so many supporters and fans abroad. Bring freedom to Egypt and lead it through to a better future for all.