Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Short prompts

Boarded up

The taxi drove down the long dirt track. I could feel the pebbles beneath the car’s tyres being crushed further into the ground, a testament to the fact that they were here to stay. I looked outside the window at the strip of land that used to be our old driveway. When we finally reached the location where our old house still stood, I could see that the windows were all boarded up. The taxi’s engine whirred silently as the driver pulled at the handbrake and waited. I stepped out of the car and tried to take a mental snapshot of the place where I grew up. The house had been deserted for years and this would be the last time that I would see our old house again. In a few days the house would be knocked down and the place would be part of the nearby nature reserve. That was my one and only true consolation as I said my final goodbye.


The system gave out its warnings,
That a tsunami would hit the shore,
But repeatedly calm, clear mornings,
Made its visitors choose to ignore.


A destination
To get to, keeps me going -
That’s motivation.


An awakening
of the senses gives a push -
fly with the feeling.

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