Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Speck in a Storm

Tunisia is in the midst of a huge change. Riots resulted in its president being ousted. He fled the country silently but as of this moment, he has still not resigned, and the prime minister has taken temporary control. Politically, it is hard to say what will happen next. But what of the people?

The Tunisian people were the ones who started the revolution but already there has been talk of violence and looting happening. My thoughts go out to the ordinary  man on the street, to the mother sitting at home who worries about her children, to the child whose world revolves about nothing more than dreams and making their dreams come true. Just like the Tunisian people who for years dreamt of the day when they would be able to live freely. It was an innocent dream that reverberates the world over, regardless of  nation or creed. It is a simple but basic right. I think of the repercussions of this revolution for the Tunisian people. In order for this to work, there must be a plan and a strategy to turn things around and allow the people avenues to really make their dreams come true. 

Politics is a complex and nasty business. The area has its eyes on Tunisia now and everyone is waiting to see how things will turn out. Tunisia will either be a model for neighbouring countries or it will set a bad example. Only time will tell. In my heart, I pray that this is the start of something good for the Tunisian people and that Tunisia becomes a better place for them.

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